Arcade Partners

MetaForce Arcade is a collaboration project to connect gaming communities on WAX. Just like a real arcade, each game is its own individual experience. What ties them together is that MetaForce maintains a presence in each of the games/metaverses. By engaging with the MetaForce location you get a chance at winning a MetaForce arcade ticket every hour. Each game gives its own chance to win.

What it means to engage is different for each game. It may be doing a simple in game task at our venue, or passing through our train station, or any number of other game specific items. Some of the games are free to play and some require NFTs to get started. Check out the games below to see where you think is your best place to start.

Taco Brigade

Taco, the spiciest NFT project on WAX, brings you Brigade!

Brigade is the first game in the Taco Universe and is a Free-to-Play, Play-To-Earn system.

To earn MFC Arcade tickets, come volunteer at the MEATForce Bar & Grill


Train of the Century

Train of the Century is a time-traveling, sci-fi fantasy collectible NFT card.

Players assume the role of the Railroader, and will help determine the fate of the multiverse.

To earn MFC Arcade tickets, stop by Pinnacle Station in Centuryville.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds, the largest decentralised game on Earth

Find NFTs and mine Trillium to gain power on the exoplanets in the Alien Worlds metaverse.

To earn MFC Arcade tickets, come mine with MetaForce Comics on Neri 33:5!

Coming Soon

Taco Racers

Taco Racers, a fun, competitive, and skill-based experience like none before!

Racers is a play-to-earn skill-based NFT racing simulation game.

To earn MFC Arcade tickets, stop by our location in Taco Racers.


Immersys is a free to play MMORPG.

Players can earn an in-game token with real-world value through immersive, entertaining gameplay in a virtual world.

To earn MFC Arcade tickets, stop by our comic shop in Immersys.

Long Haulers

Long Haulers is a semi-passive trucking logistics strategy game.

Grab a few trucks, trailers, drivers and send them out on work orders.

To earn MFC Arcade tickets, work for the Chain Wreckers.


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